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It’s a good thing, too…the slow Monday, that is.  If my sweetlings were old enough I’d retire to my room for a good nap!  We had quite the snowstorm last night; between the wind and the snowplows, I was wide awake for hours on end.  When I did manage to snooze, I dreamt about not being able to sleep. Ack!  I also worried endlessly that Erick would have to snow-blow our driveway and that we didn’t have gas for the snowblower.  (Which, turns out we did have gas, and he didn’t have to blow.)  Isn’t it awful how the little things will worry you to no end at night time?

If you have Directv…channel 813 has superb Christmas Music.  It’s playing in the background; oh how I LOVE Christmas Music!  I’m a bit sad; Amy Grant and Vince Gill will be in Augusta this Friday for a Christmas concert.  Be still my Heart.  That’s my kind of concert.  The sit-down kind, LOL.  If only the funds were available, I’d be singing along to Tender Tennessee Christmas on the 5th…

Speaking of Christmas, I’m wrestling with my tree; a couple of years ago Erick and I purchased a pre-lit tree after the holidays were over.  (We can’t go real here; I’ve the blasted allergies!)  Anyway, we’ve decided to switch to LED’s this year to save on electricity.  So I’m trying to untangle the old lights to add the new.  Let’s just say they put those old lights on WELL!

Now that I’ve bored you to tears, I shall return to the tree wrestling.  Stay warm out there!