We’ll see how long it lasts. 🙂  I’m using Erick’s Mac; don’t get to grab ahold of this baby too often, so while he, wonderful man that he is, whips up some supper, I’m taking advantage!  I have a few posts up my sleeve; we’ll start with last week’s “baking” session this time around.

Mom and I wanted to bake something wonderfully Christmassy and delectable.  Seeing as though we had the boys with us, we decided to tone it down and bit and ended up with Pillsbury sugar cookies and chocolate covered pretzels. 🙂   Oh, and a few roasted almonds for the more sophisticated palate…

Here is my little artist at work again; he decided to make a special “Jack” edition by piling uncovered pretzels on top of the covered.

And Ryan, my little author-to-be, declared that he could “eat millions and hundreds of these!”  While I’m on the Ryan note, here are a few other cute things he’s come up with lately:

“These tortilla chips are delicious! So salty and crunchy…”

While holding an unopened box of Christmas lights… “These lights are marvelous!”

After Jack took a tumble…”Don’t cry, Jack.  You are my bestest friend!”

“I forgot to tell you, mom, that I have a house in Massachusetts.  It was built way before I was 4 years old.  After I play I’ll show you pictures!”

He also said something else last week that I’m going to save for a later post.   I think I’ll include it in a post on Thursday. He’s can be a pretty profound 3 year old.

Well, going off topic, but we really made some progress with the house this weekend.  It wasn’t anything other than cleaning; you know how you end up in a mess all in the name of renovation?  Time has been so short that renovation has been very little the last month or two, but we’ve still had that mess to deal with.  We cleaned out our bedroom and rearranged the boys room; it made a world of difference. Oh!  And mom and dad have come by to help; we now have  boards to top a couple of half walls.  (LOVE having a dad that is part-carpenter.)  Amazing the difference small details can make when you are in a house that has to be fully overhauled.

Ah ha!  Grilled cheese is up.  Better get to munchin’.  And I promise more of a regular posting schedule this week. 😉