I’ve been incredibly thankful lately for the ability to take Erick into work in the mornings a few days a week.  We have to wake up at the crack of dawn and pile sleepy boys in the car, but I’m greeted with such amazing views on the drive.  I wish I could snap away, but it’s too hard to pull over on the drive.  I did get a couple once we arrived at his school the other day, though.  Tail end of the color, but beautiful nonetheless.

And on this particular day, while we were driving away, Ryan looks out the window and says “There goes my Daddy!” I asked  Ry “He’s a pretty good Daddy, isn’t he?”  And Ry comes back with “Yeah, and he’s a good guy too.”


I’m truly thankful that I’m married to such a kind, compassionate, incredible person…so much so that his 3 year old takes notice and can tell that he’s not just a good daddy, but he is an all-around amazing guy.  We’re so blessed!