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Been a few days, my friends!

We’ve been up to our eyeballs in this:

Our first full fledged blizzard of the year (and about 18 inches of snow)!  So much snow, and so awkwardly windy, that snow blew through every single window on every single side of our house.  (Just through the screens, mind you.  Not into the house.  Thank you Jesus.)

Erick is supremely happy that we invested in a snowblower this summer!  Minus the fact that a spring broke loose near the end of the job and the part won’t be in until next week.  So we are praying for warm temps and a bit of rain to wash things away before then…

Anyway,here it is, Christmas Eve, and we just arrived at my parent’s house…  after conquering the last minute shopping at that big box W store (what were we thinking?!)  The boys and I declined to go in, but went a bit stir crazy in the car.  Fortunately we know how to make our own fun;

Now we are snuggled up in a warm house, listening to Christmas Music and getting ready to partake in tacos and soapapillas before tonight’s Candle Light Service at Church.

Merry Christmas to you all; I pray you have a warm and snuggly couple of days yourselves!

God Bless 🙂