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Well, the boys and I braved the -25 temps this morning and took Daddy to work…because momma was stir crazy!  We are at Papa and Nonnies right now, where we are able to snuggle up to the woodstove.  Delightful.

Yesterday, however, did turn out to be a wee bit productive! Grammie had the boys, so  I spent the majority of the day like this:

downing mugfuls of coffee and painting inbetween sips.  I’ve always adored Big Letters, and finally decided to construct my own; I drew it and dad cut it out with his handy dandy jigsaw.  So I painted ‘er up yesterday, along with a couple of oars that mom and dad gave me for Christmas.

To the left of the “m” is the area of the house wherein, if you walk in the front door, you go either upstairs or downstairs, so we have 3 pretty signifcant walls that need “done up”.  The “m” will hang over the door, and the oars opposite; I have a significant project planned for the wall that faces the living room, but I haven’t begun it yet.

I also managed to sneak in Music for Millions, a super 1944 movie that was on TCM.  I’m crazy about the old black n’ whites.

While I had planned on finishing a bit more, it was nice to get a few things accomplished and loaf around some too.  Don’t get to do that everyday with a coupla boys running around.

Happy Friday out there!