How about a boring Friday post?  I just had to share, though, that I’ve FINALLY found a way to clean my floors.  We have real hardwood (painted) in the kitchen, and engineered hardwood in the living room and bedrooms.  After many “trial and errors”, I’ve had much success with using the Swiffer Wet Jet…not with their particular brand of floor cloths, but with the O-Mop microfiber reusable one (which sticks to the velcro on the bottom of the mop).  Instead of using the Swiffer solution, I use a vinegar/water mixture.  And WOW!  Streak-free and healthy to boot!  I just finished my living room and am thrilled with the result.

Also…did you know this?  And is it just my Walmart?  I was fighting a flat tire on the shopping cart one day, and must of had an aggravated look on my face because an elderly gentleman ran me down and said “I have a secret…”  He proceeded to tell me that I needed to find the carts without the blue bumpers on the edges.  (Turns out my mom knew this all along, and had even told me at one point, but I obviously promptly forgot).  Success, ya’ll!  Since then I haven’t had trouble with my carts.

That’s about as interesting as I can get today. 🙂  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!