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Ok, ya’ll…first go to this post, then come right back and read the rest!

Our Pastor’s grandbaby…the one I asked for prayer for?  Things were grim.  Very grim.  Super grim.  Obviously the docs were for aborting.  Not much appeared to be going on with this little girl.  Probably paralysis, blindness, deafness; you get my drift.  Anyway, a few weeks before the due date, they noticed a very slight movement in one of her arms.   Then one day before Christmas I was at home, and I received a call from my mom;  Gloria Jean was born.

Perfect.  Healthy.

This child, I have to tell you, is gorgeous.

While one side of her brain isn’t fully developed, it doesn’t affect her physically, and she just had her first appointment with early intervention nurses.  She’s one month old, and is showing the social skills and physical abilities of a 2 month old.

PRAISE GOD!  Thank you for praying; I just thought you’d like to know! 😀