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I’m back!  And completely grateful for Erick’s vacation which led to my blogging vacation…it’s something else just to unplug from the computer for awhile!

Erick’s computer crashed right before vacation, and he didn’t get it back until Saturday.  Therefore; a glorious week free from technology.  We had a great time; good bonding, a “day date” to Augusta/Freeport for the two of us, and more than a couple of Home Depot visits.  We are on our way to finishing the kitchen!  Although we don’t have the funds for my dream kitchen below (Anne Turner Carroll’s place)

We did purchase cabinets for our wall; scrapped our current open shelving and are going for this general idea; cabinets a little higher up and the shelf below.  And people…I now have more storage than I know what to do with!  It’s a miracle!  We still have quite a way to go before it’s looking picture-worthy, but I’m thrilled with the way it’s turning out.


I also purchased this book:

and I’m enjoying every minute of it!  I wrapped up Searching for God Knows What, am nearing the end of Through Painted Deserts, and am going to re-read Blue Like Jazz at the end.    Very Good Stuff.


We had a storm blow in last night.  Remember the post before last where I was completely thankful I could see the ground again?  That certainly isn’t the case any longer!  We are snowed in; under and over and side to side!  The silver lining being an extended vacation for Erick.  We are also praising God right and left because our snowblower was broken, but inspiration struck Erick last night and he was able to fix it up  (this after hours of working on the blasted thing).  It would of been  back-breaking to shovel the mess outside, so we are giddy with the fact that the big machine is working again.

Well, time to get a few things done around the house.  I’ll blog-visit in the next few days; I promised myself I wouldn’t get too sucked in today.   I’ll be back soon…