First off…we are well! The boys and I were up and at ’em by Saturday; unfortunately the bug got ahold of Erick Saturday night.  He’s much better today but still a little tired-good thing we have another snow day today!  We are getting dumped on out there, but at least it gives Erick an excuse to take it easy today (until he has to clear the driveway this evening…)  Do I sound like a broken record or what with all of these snow days piling up?

It’s pretty astounding to me to look at all of the pictures of blooming flowers on my friends’ blogs who live in the South…to hear people saying that summer is on the way, when we are knee deep in the snow up here.  Such is life in Maine.  But I do have a little color to share with you today!  Last week the school across from my parent’s house had their winter carnival, and take a look at the sculptures they created.  I think they are flat-out fantastic for a group of high schoolers!  There was a Dr. Seuss theme this year:

Pretty fascinating to me!  Another fascinating thing (that made me laugh…I figured my warm-weather friends would get a kick out of this);  the meteorologist said that Wednesday and Thursday would be very nice days with temps hovering just at or under freezing.  Ha!

That’s ok though-pretty soon I’ll be sharing summery pictures of my own.  It’s worth the wait for a warm Maine day!