Ok, getting to that productive snow day I had earlier in the week.  I’m slowly but surely making our house a home; it’s so nice to walk in and see things on the walls.  Why has it taken me since May to get to all of this?

I started off in our hall, and found a great tip that mentioned tracing your frames on newspaper and taping those to the walls before officially putting a hole in the drywall.  It was a lightbulb moment; I’m so glad I came across it because, quite honestly, the thought off all the math and measuring involved made me not want to get around to it.  But this little trick worked wonders!

Check out the pricetag; I was giddy to find these 20 dollar Bed, Bath and Beyond frames for 4 bucks at The Christmas Tree Shop.

The result:

(Now I actually have to buy some 5×7’s to insert…but we are halfway there, right?)

Also, dad finished the frame for my Alan Claude print.  He used poplar, and painted, sanded, painted, sanded, painted, sanded to get this incredibly smooth finish.  The picture is a bit blurry because I didn’t have my flash on, but you get the idea:

I decided to pop this on the wall too; I have a fascination for old windows and a few years ago I glued some starfish on.

Wide angle:

Honestly it looks a little out of proportion now that I’m viewing it like this, but I have a plan for the wall on the left side of my lighthouse print that will even everything out.  And I need a window treatment.  And we need to paint the ceiling, and paint the wainscotting, and, and, and.  There is always another and.  But one step at a time, right?