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I’m suffering from time poverty today!   As soon as I wrap this up I’m off to scrape wallpaper in the boys’ room.  But I do have some good stuff for you today…

This video is a must see, people.  It’ll knock your socks off.  IL Divo’s rendition of Amazing  Grace at, of all places, the Colosseum in Rome.  WOW!!!!  I promise you that it is worth watching; it gets better as you go.

Tell me that didn’t start your Friday off well!

Mom and I made a visit to  Simply Divine Brownies in Freeport this week.

If you live in Maine, hello…make a trip!  If not, they mail, and they certainly are divine.  It’s a new favorite stop.

While we were in Freeport, we stopped at our second home, LL Bean.  And I discovered a new-to-me photographer, Ron Schmidt, owner of  Loose Leashes.  Even if you aren’t a dog lover, these will no doubt make you smile.  Go visit his site to see more!

Adorable!  What a talent!  And speaking of art, I had my second landscape painting class last night, which I am loving.  Yesterday I had my art supplies in the car, and Jack, my little artist, was determined to paint.  He would not stop saying “I be a painter!  I want to paint!”  On and on he goes while we are toodling around Bangor, browsing through shops.  Finally out of frustration, he tells my mom “I just can’t handle it.  I  have to paint.” Ha!

Alright, to wrap up, I believe the last number I heard was that over 1.6 million dollars was raised during Global Food Crises Day sponsored by  Compassion International on the 11th.  Wow!  On that note, I found another cause that is very worthy; click on the picture to learn more.

Living Water International canvases the globe, supplying wells for clean drinking water to those who don’t have it.  I can’t imagine being there to see the joy that clean water would bring.

Happy Friday, everyone!