(By the way, sorry about the link in my previous post to the Il Divo video; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!  It’s worth a look up on youtube though!)

To get to this weekend’s story, we took the boys bowling for the first time.  They LOVED it.  It was candlepin, so they could hold the balls easily, and of course we opted for the bumpers.  Hilarious thing was that Ryan beat my score, and Jack wasn’t too far behind me.   I think it will become tradition for us.  Awful thing was that not too far from the end of the game, Jack somehow cut his chin open.  Ugh, it was awful.  I’ve never been good with blood, although for some reason when Ry cut his head on a rock a few years ago, I breezed through that until the very end when they started to stitch him up.  I had to sit down because I because I felt a little woozy.  But THIS time, I didn’t do well at all.  Good grief.  I think it was partly because I’d hardly had a thing to eat all day except for a bowl of grapenuts at 10 o’clock in the morning and a handful of saltines around 5 pm.  Anyway, I fared worse than my son.  The workers at the bowling alley had to help me into the car, and I looked like death warmed over.  We went straight to mom and dads house to really check it out and see if it was hospital worthy…of course I let them and Erick take that part over while I planted myself onto the couch.   They cleaned him up and bandaged him…and I’ve yet to really look at it, because it still brings up those woozy feelings when I think about it!  Praise God for a husband with a stomach of steel!  Anyway, our little Jackster will have a whopper of a scar, but what can you do.  Probably not the last one he’ll get.

We did get a free night of bowling out of that whole experience, and the workers were some of the most generous people!  They gave the boys lollipops and told us to send them the hospital bill; I’m glad that they won’t have to worry about that.  So thanks, everyone at Newport Entertainment Center!  We’ll start patronizing often, hopefully minus the crisis aspect!

Yesterday was in the 50’s…can’t tell you how wonderful that was.  Didn’t need a coat, even cracked our sunroof on the way home from church.  Come on spring!

Have a great week, everyone!