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It’s true…Mainers are an interesting group of people.  This is one example of why.

First day of spring, Gifford’s Ice Cream (locally made, totally delicious) gives out free ice cream cones during a particular time of day.  This year it was 6-9pm, so Erick and I thought the boys might enjoy the trip into the big city.  However, after getting there, and having supper, and shopping around a bit, in the FREEZING weather, we weren’t in the mood (hello, freezing?) but the boys were!  They weren’t going to give it up, no sir!  So onto Giffords we go, around 7:30 pm, only to find absolute masses of people standing in line.  Masses!  And Giffords is not the walk inside and sit down type of joint-it’s the walk up to the window, grab and go.  Were we willing to stand in those lines?  Um….no.  (We aren’t that desperate to save a couple of bucks, good grief!)  So we decide to shoot down the road to Dairy Queen; obviously multitudes of other parents had the same idea because it was so packed, the line of cars was out into the street.  Strike out number 2.  Fortunately, the thought occurred to us to visit What’s the Scoop?…a delightful cold-stone-creamery kind of place that is amazing, and I guess we were lucky because there was only one other family there that evening.  And it was delicious.  Chocolate Fudge with reeces cups and m&ms.  Um, yes.  Score!  3 bucks=happiness in a warm cafe!

Well, I’m over at mom and dad’s right now and just found this picture-it’s typical Jack.  The look on his face is “Not me!  I didn’t do that!”  Fortunately he didn’t really do anything; the boys were just goofing off and Ry is on the floor because he wanted to be.  🙂