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We did it!  We got out of dodge, made our way to the water, enjoying the warmth of the…car.  🙂  It really wasn’t too bad outside-50’s in Maine this time of year is flat-out wonderful.  But it did eventually get a bit chilly on the beach, so I had to usher a couple of very reluctant boys back into the car.  Here is how our day panned out…

Completely by chance, we drove near Bucksport just in time to  see what all the fuss was about (there were so many people out and about!)  Any little boy would be delighted to see this:

Excuse my technical terms, but Cianbro built about 50 of these massive thingamajigs that, I believe, have something to do with oil pumping or something, and I think they are going by sea to Texas.  Heh.  I saw the news report a few weeks ago and my memory is incredibly fuzzy.  All I know is that it was a mighty big contraption and they’ll be taking quite a few of these trips to get them all to their final destination!  It was a big hit today; there were crowds of people all up and down the coast watching it go by.  Pretty interesting.

After that stop, we made our way to Searsport, and the kiddos played on the playground (first time this year!) and threw the obligatory rocks in the water.  Then momma’s ears started to freeze, so it was time to pack up and go.  But what fun it was!

We made it back home around 1:30; it was a full morning but absolutely wonderful.

A few minutes ago I finally put pictures in my frames, and I changed up my kitchen walls a bit.  This is what it was before, but it bugged me; our kitchen has no symmetry at all, which makes decorating difficult, but I hope this looks a wee bit better.

(Sorry so dim! Flash or no, I couldn’t get it lighter. Just to give you an idea…)

The daisies are from my mom, and they have absolutely convinced me to keep fresh flowers in our house non-stop this year!

Off to pick up Erick, and then to go to my painting class; hopefully I’ll have a masterpiece to share with you soon! 😉