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Last Friday was a Good Friday for more than one reason for this gal!

Erick had a conference in Northport at the Point Lookout Retreat and Conference Center; I know, without a doubt, that we have driven by this amazing place hundreds of times…and yet I never knew it was there!  And WHAT a find, ya’ll!  When I dropped him off, I was tempted to stay and take pictures all day.  I took quite a few in the morning, but these shots do not begin to capture the beauty.  Simply, absolutely, amazingly stunning.  Foggy mornings in Maine, from the top of a mountain overlooking an island dotted ocean…

I finally took my leave and hit up the Willow Bake Shop in Rockland.  Last year I discovered some wonderful pastry there; this year I settled on their homemade donuts.  Oh, but it wasn’t just settling.  It was cloud nine cinnamon sugary delight.

I munched away at the Breakwater… the sun was shining for the first day in ages, so I then decided to tackle the mile-long walk out to the lighthouse.  (Had to burn a few donut calories, ya know…although I don’t know how many calories I burned by taking 2 steps, snapping a picture…taking 3 steps, snapping a picture…)  Although it doesn’t at first appear that the walk out to the lighthouse is a mile, once you are out there, you feel it might be a wee bit more!  Especially on the return trip, when the breeze picks up and freezes your nose.  I kept having this crazy thought that my keys would unhook themselves from my jeans and fall through the cracks…we would of been in a bad way then!

After my exercise, I returned to the car…and it didn’t start.   Back to it’s old tricks!  So I read for an hour, in a wonderfully warm car, and truly had the most delightful time.  It eventually started (thank you Jesus!) and fairly limped along to Camden, where I parked and read some more, the hit the shops for some browsing and ended up sitting on a bench by the bay.

(I love this girl…gazing at the water, holding a good book)

It was truly lovely.  I picked up Erick at 3; we arrived home to lasange made by Grammy who had entertained the boys all day and topped it off with a homemade meal.  I’d say that was a good Friday. 🙂