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According to some newfangled report, coffee consumption can cut down your risk for stroke.  Whoopie!

Although it’s a rainy day, I think that later on we’ll be stopping by Dunkin Donuts for their 50 cent iced coffee.  Can’t pass up a deal like that, even if it is a bit dreary outside.  We are looking at 3 days of rain, but my heart is full of sunshine because that is what we’ve had for the last week or so!  Sunday and Monday were glorious; we spent the majority of the two days outside.  I raked out our gardens, only be be suprised by new growth underneath all of last year’s leaves.  Even have a few little flowers.  My cup runneth over!  It’s amazing the effect that a little sunshine has on your attitude…

Ok, question for you gardeners out there.  We have about 10 full size (HUGE) lilac bushes that line one side of your house, pretty much from the ground to the roof.  (We are talking smack dab up against it, too).  We want to paint the exterior, but these babies are definitely in the way.  So I’m thinking of maybe transplanting them, but can you transplant something that big?  Or could you just tie them up and bend them over somehow without completely ruining them?  Anyone actually want some?  We have so many!!  I can’t wait to bring some cuttings inside this year and have fresh lilacs in our kitchen.

Also, we have a decent sized lot; so big that we decided not to mow a part of our backyard last year.  This year I thought that I’d just buy a ton of wildflower seed and after doing an initial mow, spreading that seed all over a good portion of the yard.  Is that reasonable?  The less we have to mow, the better!  I don’t want a massive mess out there though…I’m such a novice when it comes to yardwork.  Any advice would be appreciated.

We are on the mend over here-mom still isn’t up to par-whatever the heck this is really threw her for a loop.  Ry has also had an ear infection that took it out if him in a big way; started on Easter and he still isn’t over it completely, despite antibiotics. I usually wouldn’t of gone the antibiotic route, but after a week of misery we gave in.  Blah.  I am SO ready for people to be well!  Great thing?  Erick is on his school break, so having him around all day is such a blessing.  We are getting some work done on the house and having a ball just being together.  So this rain can’t dampen my spirits-it’ll just make those flowers grow and things green up!  And ear infections can’t last forever!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week…