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Hey ya’ll!  I’ve wanted to do this post for awhile, and I figured no time like the present.  I’m going to share with you the short version of my “health” story, then list some immunity boosters that I’m crazy about!

Long story short, I grew up with pretty debilitating asthma and allergies.  In the hospital every year, steroids and inhalers everyday, allergy medicine, allergy shots…you name it.  In 4th grade I missed 54 days of school.  My poor, sleepless parents…

When I was around 19, I was given Singulair, and LOVED it.  No more inhalers!  Allergies reduced!  Downside?  I missed a day, then it was all over.  back to the wheezing and sneezing.  And I actually had an RN tell me that I probably would need to wean myself off of it eventually, because who knew what the far-reaching effects of it could be?  Yikes!

I would say I was about 22 when, out of desperation, I visited a chiropractor because my back was really, really bothering me, and Erick and I were getting ready to drive from Virginia to Maine for Christmas.  No way could I have done the 16 hour ride in the shape I was in.  I set up an appt, filled out the medical history, and when the receptionist saw that I had allergies and asthma, she said “Oh, we can fix that up for you”.

After about 45 minutes of a good back crackin’ and some acupuncture, I left feeling better than I had ever felt in my life.  No joke.  My life was changed.  Dropped the Singulair and never looked back.  Thus began my journey of looking into more alternative and natural methods of health care.  Matter of fact, minus giving birth to my first son, I haven’t seen an MD since that chiropractor visit, and I’ve never been healthier!  (Please understand that I’m not anti-MD…it’s just that I’ve discovered what truly works for me).

There is so much more to this story, but I don’t want this post to drag on forever.  I’m going to list some really great products that I’ve discovered over the years, and in light of this new flu deal, I really believe that prevention is the best medicine.  So if you are interested, do the research, and decide for yourself what seems like the best fit.  None of these products are officially FDA approved, but from what I’ve discovered and experienced, that’s not such a bad thing. 🙂  God has provided some of the best meds out there!

  • Natural Cellular Defense (aka zeolite) has so many success stories it’s unreal.  It’s also pricey.  I became a distributor so we could get the discount (which paid for itself after my first purchase).  I don’t sell this to make money-I usually pass my discount along.  I was introduced to it by a wonderful lady who helped me on my health journey, and I trust her completely.  You can find a few testimonials here, and you see the website here.
  • MMS.  Inexpensive!  Just purchased it-I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Cellfood.  My mom began using this recently.  I really like this product, because while the top two products just “get rid of the bad”, this seems to get rid of the bad while also adding good.  It is available at all of our local health food stores and is next on my agenda.
  • Silver.  This is the particular brand we purchased today.  A few winters ago, when our whole family was on this (mom, dad, Erick, boys)…NONE of us got sick.  We just remembered it today, and are kicking ourselves for forgetting about it until recently!

Well, there is a start.  I don’t think there is just any one “miracle medicine” out there…I think there are a vast majority of wonderful things that can work well together. But please do your own research-I’m definitely not the “last word” on these products. Ask if you have any questions, though…no time like the present to get started on something that might very well help you stay healthy!