Yesterday was beautiful.  Hot, even.  But wonderful nonetheless!  I had to break out the boys summer clothes (will have to go on a shopping trip for Ry…he’s grown quite a bit in a year!)  But I have to tell you…when I brought out their “summer shorts”, they were desperate to put them on.  So on they went, and I could not believe it-Ry ran to show Erick and he stops and dances and says “Pretty Stylish, Huh?”  LOL!  Jack joined him, and they would dance and then stop and strike a pose…it was hilarious.  I never even knew Ry was aware of what “stylish” meant.

Anyway, we drove to Nonnie’s, walked to the park, played on the playground, and ended up at Big Bill’s with homemade lemonade.  Perfect Maine Day!

(Side note-they had “summer haircuts” that morning, also.  I miss Jack’s shaggy, crazy hair!  But we figured the black flies would like it, too, so off it came). 🙂