I wish posts could magically appear straight from my thoughts to the computer.  I think up posts all of the time-just don’t have the time to get them posted!  That, and it’s been so beautiful outside that we are staying out there as much as possible.   We’ve also had some good times recently, so I’ll be trying to get them down here, little by little, during the remainder of the week.

Drat!  I can’t find my camera cord!  No pics today, arg.

Oh, wait!  I do have a few on my computer.  Take a look at these crazy kids.  I love this job.

Last Saturday mom and dad took the boys, which was really nice-I mentioned on facebook (are you on facebook?  Gah!  I just found my best friend from pre-school, who I haven’t seen since pre-school…too cool, huh?)  anyway, to get back to the subject, on Friday I timed it and heard “Hey Mommy!” Sixty one times in 15 minutes.  LOL.  I love hearing it, but it can be a bit draining every once in awhile.  Mom and dad volunteered to take the boys Friday night and Saturday, which was really great for Erick and I.  Saturday night we went to a Meredith Andrews concert; absolutely lovely.

Oh!  If ya’ll wouldn’t mind sending your prayers their way, my fantastically talented brother just became a “product” of the economy and was let go from his job on Monday.  A bit unnerving for that to happen these days, but I’m so proud of he and my sis-in-law.  They have great attitudes about the whole thing, but I know that the emotions will probably be up and down quite a bit until God brings a new job along.

Well, my momma is on the way this morning and we are going to paint my “art” room.  Then head out for a little road trip to enjoy the sunshine-so I need to get to it!  I’ll be back soon…