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Oh ya’ll, I was lying in bed last night,  bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t sleep (I’m on a not-sleeping stretch, unfortunately) and generally feeling a little blue about everything (sleep deprivation does that to you!) and thinking, also, “why in the WORLD do I keep this blog going when I’m lucky to post once a week these days?”

And then I woke up, and came to the computer, and started looking at pictures, like this:

(beach roses in Bar Harbor)

and realized that summer is right around the corner and BOY did my outlook change!  I’m recharged, I’m revitalized, I’m feeling great!  Now if I can sleep tonight, and the next…I’ll be back to my fully functioning self!

We had a great time with my brother and sis-in-law…still keep them in mind-they are in need of a miracle regarding some pretty ridiculous school loans (hard to pay without a job) but you know…we serve a Big God!  I can’t wait to share some pictures with you-they are all on my parent’s computer-come to think of it I’ll ask my sis-in-law if I can post a couple of hers because she is just so talented in that area.

Erick’s last day of school is this Thursday, then we are gearing up for a big change, possibly…hoping I can share that with you soon!  (No it’s not a baby, because I know how minds work!)  It’ll be a busy few months, but hopefully not as insane as last summer…all work and no play then.  We are going to make a definite effort to get out there and enjoy ourselves this year.

I’m also going to be the proud new owner of a different computer come July or August, which will make blogging and uploading pictures much easier.  Maybe then I can get this ol’ blog back to what I originally intended.  Anyway, time to hop in the shower and zip through the house-company is coming in 2 hours and they would surely be horrified to walk in and see it the way it looks now.  Yikes.  Gotta get moving! Have a great week!