Mom and Dad are off today for a couple of weeks in CO and NM, so last Saturday we took the day to travel a bit, while Erick and the boys had an amazing day at Uncle Joe’s house, doing fun lake-house things like some good ol’ catch and release, paddle-boating, and s’more eating!DSCF0310

DSCF0317(what was good for this momma’s heart to hear is that they did, indeed, find Jack a smaller life jacket than the one in this picture!)

The boys, in fact, still smell like a camp-fire.  We’ll have to visit you again soon, Uncle Joe!

As for mom and dad and I, we had decided at the last minute to head up the Stonington way, but were jabbering so much that we completely missed the turnoff!  So off to Belfast we went, with a stop at one of our favorite stores, The Cherished Home.  Then downtown…where we decided we’d stay all day, only to change our minds; Freeport was kicking off it’s free summer concert series with Madeline Peyroux that evening.  Inbetween Belfast and Freeport, we made stops at Boothbay Harbor and Wiscassett, taking pictures right and left.  What a DAY!  We covered some good ground and had a spectacular time.  And the weather actually cooperated!

(This last one cracks me up-they are a couple of boys that were at the concert.  Eagerly ran up to one another and then just stood there, checking each other out.  Made me miss my boys; I think we’ll bring them to one soon; Patty Loveless will be playing on the July 4th weekend, and Blue’s Travelers won’t be far behind…thank you, LL Bean!)

Today, Grammy is coming over and we are all heading to Portland to pick up Uncle Josh’s car and mom and dad’s car at the airport.  Should be quite the caravan home!  We are making a stop at Chuckie Cheeses; we’ve been there once, in March of ’08, and these boys haven’t forgotten about it.  Should be another day to remember!

Have a great week, ya’ll.