I just had to share this; it was one of those “makes me very happy” moments.

We have a friend, Ms. M, who is in the hospital right now, so I scoot over to her place to check her mail and phone messages every day.  This morning there was a message on her machine from George.  It was wonderful;  he had this gravel-y old voice that was precious as it could be (I’m sure he would love me calling him precious) and he announced himself as her old classmate. I have to admit I googled him, and found out that he did indeed attend high school with Ms. M…he graduated in 1936.  So it has been, very likely, 73 years since they have seen each other!  Maybe not that long, but he had a wonderful old laugh that seemed to imply it HAD been that long since they had seen each other.  He went on to say “I’m still here (Ms. M is 91 years old; I assume he is close to that too) and I wake up every morning just as suprised as can be!”

I can’t wait to see Ms. M tonight and see if she remembers him.  I’d love to hear a story about the good ol’ days; her memory is failing a bit these days (although so is mine!) but maybe she has a recollection or two left of her old classmate.  Wouldn’t it be great if she could call him back?  The stories they could share!

Anyway, his “wake up every morning just as suprised as can be” makes me remember that I need to “wake up every morning just as grateful as can be”.   That’ll be first on my agenda when my son wakes me up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  😉