Ok, if you have read for any length of time ya’ll know that I’m pretty pro-alternative medicine.  If I can fix it naturally, without drugs, I’m going to do it (I completely understand that this isn’t always an option!!)  I absolutely, without a doubt believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by an extraordinary God, and I believe that He knit us together in such a way that we can be “fixed” without going through painful side effects of common drugs.  Whether through chiropractic care, or homeopathy, or diet, or vitamins, I believe that He supplied what we need in order to live healthy lives without the interference of 10 prescription drugs (refer to my first I completely understand statement!)

Anyway, although I have had extraordinary success with chiropractic care and acupuncture and supplements, my mom and I recently discovered reflexology.  She found a book, written in 1938, by the pioneer of reflexology (who, by the way, mentions scripture and biblical principles all throughout her writings).  Anyway, there is a reflexologist in Newport who charges $25 dollars for an hour-long appointment.  This is amazing, ya’ll.  It’s the least expensive form of therapy I’ve come across.  I just got back from my first appointment, and just like the book mentioned, I didn’t even have to tell her what my areas of concern were.  She could tell by feeling my feet.  It was akin to having a fabulous hour long foot massage, and when she came across an area of concern, you could feel a little discomfort.  My mom just had her 3rd appointment and has dramatically improved her areas of aggravation.

Anyway, one of the fun things for me, when I find someone who is into natural healthcare, is sharing stories.   I have shared mine before, about being sick for 2 decades, on daily harmful meds, which I’m positive led to my HELLP Syndrome with Ryan.  I’ve been pharmaceutical-medicine free for 7 years now and healthier than ever.  But ya’ll, she had stories upon stories of people becoming cancer-free without having to go through chemo and radiation.  And I have done such an incredible amount of research…so many problems can be solved without putting toxins into our system!  Our bodies are AMAZING!  Treat them right, and so very, very often the problems will work themselves out.

Well, I’m on a “high” right now because of my appointment, and just wanted to share.  Sorry If I come across a little obsessed. 🙂  But if you ever have questions about anything, let me know!  If I don’t know, I usually have people that do!