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You know what verse was running through my mind today? Luke 2:14…

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will towards men!”

Oh, ya’ll it was an almost achingly perfect day.  Beautiful, Gorgeous, are you KIDDING me, God?  Is this for real?

I just wanted to run up to people and give them hugs!  Seriously!  Say, “Do you realize what a gift this is?”  You feel such wonderful weather, and see such beauty, and ponder the fact that God intended perfection, and peace, and that one day what we see here will be what we will eventually experience, but a thousand times better.  Man.

Mom and I did our Route 1 day trip…Belfast, Camden, Rockland.  It was just…very good.  I’ve about run out of descriptions!

Camden Bay

Camden Bay

I didn’t snap too many pictures.  But I couldn’t help but get the next shot.  It’s in honor of my southern friends.  🙂

Grits!  Doesn't that beat all?

Grits! Doesn't that beat all?

Well, it’s high time I crawl into bed.  Just wanted to document this day before I hit the hay.  And just gotta say it again…

Glory to GOD!