Fall flowers!  I love the light in the first picture; it’s on our neighbor’s stoop.  And I’m crazy about the color of the fence in the second picture.  It’s right outside of Uncle Deans in Waterville, for the locals.  It’s the prettiest pale blue. My camera didn’t focus on the flowers so much, but that fence is something else.




Speaking of pale blue-I was wandering through our Dexter house yesterday, and realized that although I am NOT a pastel person, our house is filled with it.  Pale blue, sage green, buttercream…what is WRONG with me?  🙂  Actually, it does really lighten the house up, and with what I had planned for the walls, it wouldn’t of turned out very girly at all.  But it still made me laugh.  Poor boys, surrounded by all that day in and day out.  Hopefully prospective buyers will either love it or think “at least THAT will be easy to paint over!”

And here is our second Nora letter, for your laugh of the day!

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 11