Prayer Time!

This little baby…

Picture 3

was born a lot early! His name is Cash, and his Momma and Daddy are Melissa and Shawn.

aren't they the cutest?  next to their baby?  :)

aren't they the cutest? next to their baby? 🙂

Melissa and I were good friends in Junior High, way back when. Facebook brought us together again (yay!) and I’ve been following her beautiful pregnancy photos…until one day there was a “born baby” update…right out of the blue! Here’s where it gets crazy-Melissa was diagnosed with the very same thing I was when I had Ryan…Hellp Syndrome. Crazy, because it’s so rare. So I have a special interest in this family, because I can absolutely understand what they are going through. And what got me through was the fact that we literally had people praying for us across the entire nation. Word spreads fast, which means prayer spreads fast, which is an Excellent Thing! So if y’all could pray for Shawn and Melissa and Cash, I would appreciate it, and I know they would too. Pray that little Cash would gain weight quickly and his organs would function properly, and that Melissa and Shawn would have peace throughout this ordeal. They live about an hour from the hospital-that’s quite a haul. Here’s hoping for a baby home in time for the best Thanksgiving Meal ever!

Thanks, so very much!