Disclaimer…I’m not a fan of Halloween. Not a fan of “scary”, or kids hyped up on too much sugar.ย  Matter of fact, last year Erick and I just loaded up the kids and had a great meal in Bangor at a restaurant…no scary costumes in sight!

However, this year we decided we’d attend our church party-but I hadn’t had the funds, nor the time to come up with any kind of costume. I actually convinced the boys to wear their superman pajamas, which they weren’t thrilled about, but they went along. ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday morning, I decided to finally go through a bag of clothes that a friend had given me (she had gotten them from another friend), and low and behold…two non-scary costumes! That FIT my children! Talk about happy boys, who wore them ALL day long!


Jack the superhero and Ryan the Lion! Excuse the mess in the background!

The party was a success. But we had bigger and better things to do the next day…because this little boy woke up as a newly certified 3 year old!


Isn't he cuddly?

He came busting into the house after church, immediately asked if his cake was ready, completely missing the fact that there was a balloon bouquet right in front of him. LOL.

I told him to turn around, and of course he was thrilled. All little kids need are balloons…he asked me to take them apart from their “bouquet”, and he proceeded to say “This is the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!” over and over. (Why did we even bother with gifts? It’s the simple things!)


Daddy is reading his card, which says "Would you like to go Bowling this afternoon?" Of COURSE!

The boys had a ball bowling, and Jack won! For the first time, and on his birthday to boot!


he was so excited, he would hardly sit still when I was putting his bowling shoes on...

We came home to cake and presents…did I mention that I didn’t like kids hyped up on too much sugar? Ha!


licking the frosting off candles

I kid you not; while Erick and I were busy elsewhere a little bit later in the evening, Jack came in to where we were working with hands and face covered in cake. Turns out he had dived in and grabbed handfuls. Oh, and turns out he never actually ate any of his birthday pizza…the child had cake all day. Awesome. Maybe that is why he passed out for 3 hours this afternoon? Delayed sugar coma, perhaps?

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my little one. 3 years old! I can’t believe it!


We love you, sweetface!