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Frost and Leaves

isn't that a great picture? My dad took it last week! Early morning frosts are so beautiful.

is now covered by snow!  3 inches, maybe? I think it surprised the weathermen too…yesterday morning we were expecting some moisture in the evening from a storm that was out to sea…but it gave us a little more than we bargained for!  In the meantime, it’s gorgeous-everything is covered in white.  There were big, white fluffly flakes all day yesterday.  We snuggled up by the fire, had popcorn, and watched Sabrina (one of my all time faves…I think I might even pop it in again today!)  I cannot, for the life of me, find the boy’s snowboots, so I’m hoping they will be ok staying by the fire today instead of out romping around.  Must find those boots for the next snow-I think this will quickly melt away seeing as though this weekend will be in the 60’s vicinity again.

Anyway, the MAIN purpose for this post is to ask for prayer for my grandma.  She is having surgery today in order to get a pacemaker…and all prayers for safety and a quick recovery would be welcomed!

Thanks yall, and have a super weekend!