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Dad took this picture of the Kennebec River last weekend. We love Maine Fog. 🙂

Today is a little bit like the picture above; foggy and cool. Mom and dad invited us over this morning for a breakfast of biscuits from scratch, bacon and eggs; hot coffee, a fire in the woodstove, and a James Taylor Christmas Album in the stereo. What a start to the day!

Yesterday was stunning; the weather was beautiful so mom and I took off to Portland. It was a no-jacket kind of day, especially on the waterfront. Sunny and warm! Stores were keeping their doors open to let the sunshine in. And…I shopped! It’s rare that I shop, especially since Erick teaches and I’m a stay at home mom. We are pretty frugal around this place and are VERY anti-debt, thus no credit card purchases…we like to save up and wait awhile for what we want. However, I’ve been saving money aside from income tax refunds for a good long while, and I was able to not only order a loveseat for our living room, but a very nice rug, also. Eek! We’ll pick up the loveseat next week, the day before Thanksgiving. This weekend I’ll be painting the trim in the living room, so hopefully once everything is put together I’ll have some before and after pictures for you. Well, after to an extent. I still need a couple of chairs to complete my ultimate “plan”, but that might be awhile from now! But I think what we have right now will make a big difference. It’ll be so nice to begin putting our own stamp on this place!

One purchase I did make, at the LL Bean Homestore, are these beautiful glitter tags-

They are so sparkly! I think I’ll string them on a garland for our mantle, and maybe use them as ornaments for our tree. With some other ornaments I uncovered this year, I’m definitely feeling a vintage Christmas theme!

Well, that makes 2 posts this week, haha! I’m getting back in the groove! Have a great weekend everyone!