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I’ve had fun lately…receiving wonderful little packages in the mail! Packages containing books. I just received a new one a few minutes ago-what a delight to see this particular manila envelope arrive in my mail slot!

A bit ago I signed up to start reviewing books for WaterBrook Multnomah, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the first round of books I received, so I am more than delighted to give my opinion of them.

The first book is called Treasured and is authored by Leigh McLeroy:

Leigh, will you be my friend? Can you just hop on a plane and come visit me? Or vice versa? I could come visit you!

I adored this book. I have to say that I probably wouldn’t of chosen this book of my own accord, because I very often read fiction. Oh, but I enjoyed this book so much! Leigh picked out a few things that God, if He had a “treasure box”, might keep around. You know the things that you have collected all of your life, that are meaningful and have wonderful little stories attached to them? It’s the same idea, but of course God’s treasures are found in his Word, and tell of the most precious things to Him…which are his children. You and me. What I very much enjoyed about this book was the love I felt; that of God for me, but also snippets of Leigh’s personal stories. Of her life, and love, and struggles. She is so completely open and genuine and real that I immediately felt as though I’d love to get to know her in person. I wouldn’t hesitate one iota in recommending this book to anyone at all.

I also, as a HUGE bonus, received these two books:


God Gave Us Christmas and God Gave Us Love, by Lisa Tawn Bergren, are just what I didn’t know that I needed for the boys. I’ve wanted so very much to impress upon them the ultimate story of Christmas-that it isn’t all about Santa and presents (although those ARE fun aspects!!) but that it is about Jesus. In God Gave Us Christmas, Little Cub’s mom takes her on a journey looking for God, and they find him exactly where I find Him; in His glorious nature. There is evidence of God’s love for us everywhere if you just look around! Santa absolutely symbolizes generosity, but the greatest gift of all is Jesus. The story is very easy to understand, and Jack especially enjoys it-asks for it every night!

God Gave Us Love is a spectacular description of “love”. All kinds of love-the kind that parents share, the kind between siblings, the kind you share for your friends, and the kind that God has for us. The unfailing kind-He loves us no matter what (and I personally can’t hear, or read, that enough!) While the books are certainly geared towards the younger crowd, I appreciated their messages immensely and am truly delighted that we now have them on our bookshelf (or more often than not, right by the bed because they have been read so many nights in a row!)

One blog tour down, many to go! What a job, huh?