It’s official-we’ve met with our realtor and the house should be on the market by Monday! Finally! Actually, it sounds funny that I’m saying “finally!” when we purchased this place just last year. Good grief.

Anyway, I was browsing through some old photos last night and thought it would be fun to do a before and after post. Erick took some new pictures after work last week. My word, the memories! This might be a lengthy post, but it will mainly be pictures. So here ya go:

The Kitchen:


The eat-in area of the kitchen

We still have to add the kickboards under the cabinets. Our original plans were to subway tile the backsplash, put an open shelve under the cabinets, add crown molding...buy new barstools. But we are letting someone else take over from here!

We added a half wall between the eat-in area of the kitchen and living room. Further plans were to add built-in seating and a rectangular pedestal table.

The Living Room:


Check out this crew of scrapers! And all those layers…I still have dreams about scraping layer after layer…

After number one

After number 2 (taken from the kitchen)

The Bathroom. This one was pretty awful to begin with.

eek. We layed new tile, among about 15 other changes in this room.

The wall was half missing, and there was a *fantastic* drop ceiling. Which we scrapped. Immediately.


(funky shadow, I know)

Our bedroom:

yeah, even came with a dresser half way in the closet! 🙂

scraping cat pee filled carpet. awesome!

no more layers of wallpaper, no more cat pee carpet!

The Boy’s Room:

The very last layer of wallpaper in here was nursery-themed. For all of the work involved in starting from the beginning, it was actually fun to see the “history”, you know?

We actually started on this room after we moved out, so we gave it a good ol’ coat of white paint.

Downstairs Room Number One:

Filled with junk when we moved in…unfortunately unusable junk!

this was going to be my craft room...ahhh...a space of my own! We pulled up the carpet and put new flooring down in here, also.

There is also one other room across from this one, but Erick didn’t get any “afters” of it. It almost mirrors the room above, but the paint scheme is different.

Anyway, that gives you a glimpse of almost everything we overhauled.

And this will give you a glimpse of the market situation these day.

The owners before us purchased the house for $130,000.

We are listing it at $89,900

But God is Good. And Big. And will give us what we need, when we need it. Of that we are sure!