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Check out these pictures that my dad took…I think they are gorgeous!

Mom and Dad's backyard

See that little pathway in the snow? That's the "trail" to our house. No one is currently living in the house inbetween us, so we blazed a path right through their yard. 🙂 And see that porch beyond the for sale sign? That's our place.

View of the church from mom and dad's. Did you notice the "glow" from their porch? Read on!

That's my grandparents aluminum Christmas Tree, hauled across the country from the farm in New Mexico. Complete with working Color Wheel! Gasp!

Y’all, it’s officially too cold here. I think with wind chill we were supposed to be around zero degrees today. And you would NOT believe it; God is so gracious…Erick decided to check on our house in Dexter yesterday; our snowblower is in the shop so he hasn’t been up to the place in a few days (kind of need to snowblow so you can get up the driveway!) but he stopped anyway, and found that our oil tank was EMPTY. Zip. Zero. Nadda. He obviously scrambled to the gas station and bought some kerosene, enough to get the house through the night, and then borrowed his dad’s snowblower to make a path for our oil man to get there. And our precious oil guy was more than accommodating and hit the house first thing this morning. WHEW! Luckily there were no breaks or bursts or whatnot, but if Erick hadn’t of discovered a dry tank yesterday, that would have been very, very unfortunate. Thank you Lord. The house had burst pipes when we bought it, and that is not something we want to have to fix again anytime soon.

I have one more book review on the docket, I think I’ll share it with you tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it-my favorite so far!