I meet with a really awesome group of ladies on Wednesday morning at my place-we talk, we laugh, and most importantly, we pray. It’s a wonderful time of fellowship! A little while ago, one of these ladies decided to make a difference, so she started visiting the nursing home to talk with the lovelies that reside there. And then she had an idea; what if, as a church, we made blankets and delivered them to the residents? The idea took off and after a few weeks of cutting and writing and sewing, a crew of us from church made our “special deliveries” of personalized blankets last Saturday. It was so joyous…a time of caroling and lovin’ up on some very, very special people. The boys and I were in charge of Marietta’s blanket (whom I have written about and in whose house we now reside). I managed to snap a few sweet pictures-the light wasn’t fantastic for photos, but the memories we made were wonderful.

Our Sweet Ms. Marietta. Isn't she a doll?


sweet Norah giving her blanket to Ruby

What Joy in Giving!

I love Ms. Audrey's sweet smile

Wasting no time in putting her gift to use!

I'm helping Ms. M unwrap her blanket. We had quite a packed house!

On Sunday, one of our church members stood up and reflected on the day and the special time we had. She also suggested that even if you have 15 minutes, stop by the nursing home and spread some Christmas cheer. Many residents do not have family, and it is so incredibly heart warming when they are given a simple “hello”. We often visit Ms. M…and being the social butterfly she is, she is rarely in her room-always out in the dining room with other residents. They all get SUCH a kick out of the boys and their faces light right up to see them smiling and putting on a show for everyone. (Boy, do they put on a show. And wear me out in the meantime!) Anyway, check in and see when craft time is-that is a great way to get to know residents. And children are such a delight to them, so bring the kids! We must not neglect those who have paved the way for us-not only will they appreciate it, but so will you!