Earthquake in Haiti…I’m sure you have heard by now. If you could just cover them in prayer…that goes without saying, really. Our church recently got involved with HIS Home for Children in Port-Au-Prince, because a dear family here is in the process of adopting two children from that orphanage. We are currently planning a mission trip to visit this year. Also, an incredibly lovely lady, Diane, just returned to Haiti to continue her work at a hospital there; I met her in Virginia years ago; her blogs on her work there are so uplifting! No word yet on Diane and her situation, but we do know that the kids at the orphanage are at this moment standing outside the building waiting for the aftershocks that are sure to come. Also, our sweet Compassion child, Magdaline, lives in Haiti.


I’m going to be brainstorming the next few days; keep in touch because it goes without saying that they’ll need worlds of help in the next few months and years to come. Maybe there is something we can do.

I’ll be back!

*Diane is fine.  Whew!*