I’ve had the winter blues. That’s all there is to it. I haven’t lost my joy, my happiness…just my motivation! And the irritability factor has also skyrocketed. (My poor children). However, we had BUCKETS of rain yesterday, and high temps to boot, and today the weather was grand, so mom whisked me away from cleaning my house and took me to the ocean. *Fabulous Sigh*

What a glimpse of spring! The birds were singing, the snow had melted in vast quanities, and the air was fresh. Although we hit a snow squall on the way to Route 1, eventually the blue sky broke through. In many places, it appeared we had experienced a snow storm mid-summer, because the lawns were washed clean and the grass was a wonderful healthy green. I know this won’t last, it’s January in Maine for goodness sakes, but it’s exactly what I needed.

This is the path from our house to mom and dads, formally covered under a pile of snow.

In Searsport, the birds were perchin' as high as they could! (Love the seagulls on the chimney!)

I took this zooming by in the car...love that broken ice!

I wish I had some blue sky pictures for you. It was so happiness-inducing to see it peeking through the gray.

Oh! And we had our “last hurrah” at the house on Sunday; went up to clean out the remainder of the garage. Took the boys-poor Ryan was wandering around the house saying “I wish it still had all our stuff in it!” He is such a sensitive kid; he always astounds me with this little observations. Very in tune with his emotions (can be a good and bad thing, let me tell you!) But this sign made mommy and daddy very happy, at least!

"Sale Pending!"

So there. Good few days, especially today. I’ve got my motivation back, so I better sign off and clean this house while I can!