Honestly, posting this will make me feel MUCH better; writing always does, so just bear with me if you don’t mind!

Closing was set for today at 3; last evening we received a call that the buyers were nervous.  This morning, a few minutes ago, we received a call that the deal was off.  Nothing like bad news when you had planned on celebrating, right?

It was really just a case of cold feet for the buyers.

So back to square one!  I’ll admit to my share of tears this morning, but I’m fully trusting, fully confident that God has our best interests at heart.  I don’t know what the plan is, and making plans and then telling God what you WANT to happen NOW isn’t the way it works.  🙂  But if you would pray that things would come together soon for us, that would be fantastic.  It’s kind of financially imperative for us, at this point, that we sell soon.  At least that’s the way it looks on paper. God has a grander view, though, one we can’t see.  That most definitely  is what  is keeping me smiling through the tears today!