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That’s what I’m shooting for!  Actually, I’ve been feeling pretty good the last few days. Counting the blessings.  Still up and down a bit, but I feel ridiculous to be “down” when our minor irritations are nothing compared to what they could be.  Good grief, get over it girl.  Although I do have to say, this experience has taught me even more about true compassion for what others are going through.  For that I’m extremely thankful!  Sometimes when a thing doesn’t seem so BIG in the grand scheme of things, it IS big in your life, in the moment.  And it’s so nice to know that people truly care about your big things.

This will be a good month!  It’s a milestone month for me; I’ll be turning 30 on the 13th.  And partially because of that, I was able to do some pre-birthday browsing to give my family gift ideas a few days ago.  On Saturday, mom, dad, Erick and I went out car shopping (big fail, cars are more expensive than the last time we shopped around for one!)  But it was a fun day nonetheless.  We ended up at LL Bean, and I’ve gotta say I’m impressed with their new line of spring clothing.  It’s usually hit or miss for me, but they have some great new stuff that is cute, fits well, and the prices are really pretty awesome.  I spent time trying on clothes for the first time in…I can’t remember when.  I’ve been wearing the same clothes for such a long time;  all my tshirts (standard fare) are stretched out of shape because I’ve worn them for…well, years.

This is just a sampling of the things I like; I actually tried on quite a bit.  The colors made me smile; the fact that I was able to enjoy the experience without having to rush made me smile (thank you patient hubby and dad).  Good job, LL Bean.

Ok, I have sick kiddos I need to tend too.  Sick means cranky.  And impatient.  So time to sign off!  And may YOUR week be filled with cheer; mine most certainly will be.  Blessings abound!