Used to write down the crazy things my kids say-haven’t done that in awhile and need to start doing it again!

Jack:  “When I grow up, I want to be an athlete.”  (Af-a-wete)  I guess he wants to do it all!  Boys are such strange creatures-lately they’ve been taking off their shirts and boxing each other.  Good ol’ wallops, too, but they just laugh.  Last week we went to the library and there were quite a few girls there.  Just watching the differences was mind blowing!  Despite the crazy energy they have, and the constant tough guy stuff, I’m so glad I have boys.  🙂

Ryan:  “But mom, since you are tired and we aren’t, YOU should take a nap during nap time and Jack and I can stay up.  That makes perfect sense.”

Jack:  “Are you coming to Grammy’s with us today?”

“Nope, I have to stay here and get some work done around the house”

“Work?  You don’t work!”  (Bwahahahahahah, I think to myself)

“Well, cleaning up the house IS work, and besides, I DO work.  I take care of you and Ryan; that’s my job”.

“Well…a job is something that you do when you leave the house.  I think you should get a job like Daddy, and Ryan and I can take care of ourselves”.  (Said with much thought and contemplation.  Can you imagine the fun he was dreaming up thinking they could have the house to themselves?)

And overheard last night from the living room:

“I love you Ryan”

“I love you, too Jack”

(then hugs, lots of hugs)

(best kind of conversation there is!)