About Me

Email me at mrsmurray16@hotmail.com 🙂

I never, ever, ever figured I’d be the type to blog. I have a boxful of journals, some filled half-way and some with a page or two scribbled on, but not one of them is complete. Not for lack of desire, but simply for lack of accountability…and the really sad part is that I have a horrible memory. I can’t begin to describe the mass quantity of memories that are terribly fuzzy or barely there, and I would give an arm and a leg to be able to remember them in detail. Enter in…the Online Blog. Once I discovered this new world, I was hooked. I’m a voracious reader, and each little blog is not only a story to me, but a place to connect with people (since, sadly, front porch gatherings aren’t all too common anymore).

Awhile ago (with great hesitation) I began to keep an online journal, strictly available to close friends. What an experience! I felt compelled to keep my friends up-to-date, and I now have a year or two worth of memories in written form. Recently I decided to make the leap into WordPress, because I feel there are more incredible people to meet and I’m ready to spread the love a little further. Simple things delight me, and so often I want to share them with the world. I have fun plans for my little corner of the www, and hopefully my good intentions will come to fruition! Now, after that lengthy explanation, I’ll get down to the the reason you probably clicked on this page in the first place.

I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 rambunctious boys born in ’05 and ’06 (Ryan and Jack, respectively). I have been married to the love of my life (Erick) since ’99. I’m serious about my family and faith, but am a bit lighthearted about the rest. I love to read/write/play/create/travel; but I especially cherish the opportunity to sit down and zone out because it’s such a rare occasion these days. So if you are ready to take a peek inside my world, welcome to a home full of boys and noise and laughter and love (with the occasional crying/fit-to-be-tied/desperate plea for help) and, obviously, a place where the laundry is never finished!


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I just came across your blog and feel sure that I have hit upon another Mainer! Do you live in Maine? I live in Topsham. I have a website and a new blog (List Mama Blog, just started in January). I would love to know how you are surviving this very long, very cold winter with 2 boys? I have 3 children (6, 5, 2). I am ready for spring. Great blog, by the way!

  2. Jennifer-
    I am a fellow etsymom and look forward to reading your blog! I’m pretty new to the blog word too. I live in Northern Virginia, just down the road…ha!Ha! We have three boys and a girl, all born in 5 years’ time. My lauindry is STILL never finnished, even when you would think teenagers could do their own! They do sometimes, but it’s mainly me down there. I love your little fabric bags! Too cute! Your fabrics are so pretty too. Well, I hope to see more of you here in cyberspace!

  3. I was just reading the comments here and realized you were the one with the fabric bags….I like them too. What a great idea for organizing. Now I remember!
    Thanks for doing this! It’s so fun.

  4. To my dear and wonderful best friend…I love being able to be a part of your life through this blog. If only I could be a part of it up close…but for now I am just happy following along in all of your adventures…so here is some love from New Mexico…your home away from home and I will be waiting for your next entry…and your next visit! Love ya

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